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Includes: Unlimited Kilometres, VAT at the legal rate, liabilityinsurance of 50 million euros (CDW) insurance own damage (PAI)passengers safe (AV) assistance in travel, (TP) Total theft, airport tax.
Not Included: Gasoline, Liability CDW and TP, (see table) – (Baby chair € 3  per day) – (Additional Driver 20 euros per contract). Motorbikes and bikes available on the main station
Possible: Total Insurance SCDW – See table,  Liability zero


1- MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD – One day (24 hours). Extra hour is 1/4 of the daily rate.

2 – DRIVER´S LICENCE – Valid in Portugal.

3 – AGE OF DRIVER – Minimum of 21 years. One year driving experience is required; Scooters minimum of 18 years.

4 – FUEL AND OIL LEVELS- Cars must be delivered and returned with a full tank of (lead free) gas.  Customers must check levels of oil and water for rentals over 15 days. Rent a Car Ilha do Sol Lda. will reimburse for oil and small repairs made to the car. Scooters must be returned with both tanks filled with  (Super) gas and  2TX oil. Lack of oil will destroy the engine which will then become the customer´s responsibility.

5 – INSURANCE – Price includes 50,000.000,00 euros  public liability valid in Portugal being the client responsible for damages caused to the hired car. This responsibility can be reduced or eliminated with the payment of an additional tax in Euros and per day according to our price list.

The client (renter) will be always responsible for all damages caused to third parties or in the hired car in case of:

– Being driven by a person who is not legally qualified or authorized by Ilha do Sol Rent a Car Lda-

– Any damages intentionally caused by the client ( renter ) or any person whom he deems responsible.

– Whenever the car’s driver, drives under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other drugs or toxic products or insanity.

-Acts of vandalism such as broken locks, broken glass or any other damage to the car including damaged wheels or blown out tires when the cause is not an accident are all considered the responsibility of the client (renter).

– Being used in unconventional ways, sport competitions, races, rallies or challenges, contests, bets, etc.

– Any accident which is not notified to Rent a Car Ilha do Sol soon as possible.


For xxx Euros per day we offer an insurance of  5000,00 per passenger, Not available for motos.

7 – DEPOSIT – A minimum estimated rental deposit of €200,00 or more is required.

8 – DELIVERY CHARGE – Free (except motos), rental agency will pick-up and drop-off customers. Out of Vila do Porto and Airport a service charge of € 0, 50 per kilometer.

9 – LEAVING THE ISLAND USING A FERRY BOAT; Client may be authorized by Rent a Car Ilha do Sol Lda.with a payment of an extra tax which will be specified in the rental contract. In case the client does not follow this obligation he will be responsible for all expenses and it will be considered as breaking the contract and notification will be made to the traffic authorities.

10 – FINES – It is always the client’s (renters) responsibility for all fines that may occur during the rental period.

11 – RENTAL – Ends at the established day, hour and place agreed. If client wishes to extend it, he must contact Rent a Car Ilha do Sol Lda. 24 hours before ending the contract in order to get permission. Without this permission the car will be considered stolen and against the law.  This will be a reason to communicate to the authorities and will be punished by Portuguese civil law.

12 – SEATS – It is not allowed to exceed the number of seats and maximum weight, the client is responsible in case of accident and fines.

13 – ACCIDENTS – Traffic authorities and Rent a Car Ilha do Sol Lda. must be called immediately, insurance form must be filled out. If the client causes significant damages to the rented vehicle no refund will be due for the missing period agreed, and another vehicle will only be provided with a significant deposit to cover possible damage in the new vehicle.

14 – BREAKDOWN – Call Rent a Car Ilha do Sol Lda.or the travel assistance number 00351962349244. You should indicate the number of the international motor insurance card and the identification of the vehicle. Rent a Car Ilha do Sol Lda. will not be obliged to substitute the vehicle out of order, however the amount of the days not used will be obviously refunded.

15 – DOCUMENTS – The client is responsible for any missing documents.

16 –  RESERVATIONS – Cancellations are allowed without additional costs provided they are made 48 hours in advance, after this period the rental already paid will not be refunded.

In the unlikely event that Rent a Car Ilha do Sol fails to provide a reserved or alternative vehicle, due to a breakdown or collision, the customer will be reimbursed for double the amount paid.

17 – Any legal dispute by either party can only be settled by the competent jurisdiction of the Court of Vila do Porto, and we reserve the right to decline any other court.

VERY IMPORTANT: Payment is due at the time of the billing. An itemized receipt will be provided to the client at that time.  Otherwise Rent a Car Ilha do Sol Lda. has the right to charge interest according to Portaria 807-VI/83 30 July. We reserve the right at any time to cancel a confirmed reservation. The client may also expect to have the contract terminated and the car repossessed if the terms and conditions are not met under the contract Decreto-lei 181/2012  de 6 Agosto.